Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Carolina Trade Exchange. Below we answer the most common questions you may have about the benefits of membership in CTE for you and your business. Still have questions? Get in touch with us and we'll get you the answers you're looking for. We're always here to help.

Yes, absolutely! Carolina Trade Exchange will schedule a time to train anyone in your business on trade, barter and exchange. CTE will work with you to ensure you are being marketed and advertised in a customized manner to your specifications. CTE holds regular Membership Meetings affording our clients the opportunity to interact and train together.

Carolina Trade Exchange mandates that every business in the Exchange charge standard pricing for their goods and services. We do not require you to pass on any coupons or discounts, unless you choose to do so. The field remains even for all Members and we strictly prohibit our Members to inflate pricing or charge a greater price than normal cash transactions (again) insuring everyone is treated fairly. Our Members do monitor pricing and can ask for our assistance if they feel they have been charged a greater or different amount.

We will bring a vast array of top quality services, merchants and customized solutions to you and your business. Membership in CTE eliminates trying to find great trade solutions, negotiate a fair value for your goods, ensures you are trading with reputable companies, and returns investment directly to your company. Quite simply, as our slogan supports, Trade Makes $ense!

Carolina Trade Exchange is the *ONLY* trade and barter exchange in the Charlotte market 100% focused on trade! CTE does *NOT* require its members to pay a percentage when another member utilizes their services. We strongly believe that you should only pay for transactions when YOU decide to spend your trade credits, and we will not impose a fee for you to conduct business as a seller with other members. This places the responsibility solely on CTE to build and maintain a viable network where our members want and choose to spend their credits, and ensures that you’re never paying cash for trade credits on sales transactions with other Members. We have a local office that you are invited to visit so you may explore the options of how Carolina Trade Exchange can immediately make an impact on your company’s bottom line. Our contracts are month-to-month with no charges to cancel your Membership. We want to earn your business and your trust every month and feel its our responsibility. CTE is the first and only trade exchange in Charlotte to be awarded membership in the National Association of Trade Exchanges (NATE).

There are monthly and transaction fees imposed only when you choose to purchase goods and services. There may be a one time Membership fee to join CTE and this will be explained in your personal consultation meeting. CTE does not charge for transactions when a Member uses your products/goods/services. Why pay to get business?

The IRS treats and views a trade credit just the same as a dollar. CTE will provide monthly statements to each member, as well as electronically reporting all transactions to the IRS. We also furnish our Members with a 1099 form at the end of the year. Bear in mind, you can also donate your credits to charity (please call us for further insight and information). CTE functions as a third party record keeper for all transactions.

A line of credit may be requested. Contact Carolina Trade for further information and we will work to assist you.

Full retail pricing is the standard within the Trade Exchange.

Quite simply, to avoid the problems and time-consuming work that individual barter deals can present. Think of Carolina Trade Exchange as an airline hub, offering many distinct connections to businesses that you may or may not know even existed, and vice versa! You would have to find another business owner that needs exactly what you have to offer, who is willing to trade, and then begin the complicated process of pricing. With CTE that work is already done. Trade transactions are safe, secure and eliminate charge backs, bad debt and account receivables. Can you do this on your own?